Yoga of Qigong Workshop

Sunday, August 11, from 3:00-5:00 pm, with Dr. Gayl Hubatch of the Blue Heron Center

Common Yogic & QiGong Principles:
  • Breath – Prana, Qi, Spirit, energy
  • Body – Posture, asana, alignment
  • Mind – Intention, meditation

Both Yoga and Qigong activate energy flow. As we activate energy flow, we also activate potential for deep healing. Qigong is an exercise to open the energy flows that can also improve strength, balance, blood pressure, sleep rhythms, digestion, etc.

Yoga from India and QiGong from China arose in Eastern wisdom traditions. As we access these traditions and apply them to modern culture, we cultivate a deep resource for healing and understanding the true nature of the bodymind. Both traditions use meditation as a key for enlightenment and bring movement in to train the body and nervous system.

As a Dr. of Chinese medicine Gayl also employs the wisdom of the energy systems: organ meridians and extraordinary vessels to Qigong practice. Knowing how these energy channels flow (nadis in the yogic tradition) and what they relate to can be so valuable for staying well and cultivating wholeness.

What you will gain: Learn how to access and strengthen your innate healing intelligence and harmonize mind body and soul. Learn a Qigong form, which is a great addition to any exercise practice. Like yoga, qigong creates flexibility of mind and body.

What we will work with:

4 Bandhas: energy centers relating to chakras and meridians
  • Mula Bandha – Root Lock: Creative center
  • Uddiyana Bandha and manipura: diaphragm, stomach, abdominal organs – power center
  • Jalandhara Bandha – throat; power center
  • Maha Bandha – All 3 Bandhas engage together – constrict and release to open balanced Energy flow

Using the bandhas and blending Qigong movement practice can release old ingrained energy blocks and patterns to free up consciousness presence and elevate Spirit!

This workshop teaches breath as a tool to amplify our energy but also bring relaxation. This happens with spinal alignment and intention, Qigong is moving meditation that opens up layers of energy flow. Mood elevates, pain disappears, and energy rises with regular qigong practice.

About Dr. Gayl Hubatch

Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD is Dr. of Chinese medicine and the author of:Fabric of the Soul: Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Capturing essence from her practice of energy medicine for over 25 years, Dr. Hubatch brings a wealth of knowledge to her courses. She has taught at many colleges, universities and privately, since 1983, including Omega, Esalen and Kripalu. Gayl specializes in acupuncture, herbology, Qigong/Tai Chi, HeartMath Training and meditation, at her holistic studio; Blue Heron Center in Lakeway, TX. Dr. Hubatch is a licensed acupuncturist and diplomat through NCCAOM as well as being a certified yoga instructor and qigong/tai chi senior trainer.

Members: $40 Non Member: $50
Pre-registration is encouraged. No refunds.

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