Private Sessions

Balance Yoga offers private yoga and meditation sessions with some of our most popular and qualified instructors.

Why take a private class? Private sessions are a wonderful way to get to know yoga at your own pace. Often attending a public class for the first time can be rather intimidating. If you would feel more comfortable with one-on-one learning sessions, private classes might be for you.

Private classes are also a great way to learn something new. Do you have a yoga pose that you are struggling with or maybe an injury that you need to work around? Our private sessions would be perfect! They provide the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from a qualified instructor.

How about group lessons? Balance Yoga can also provide an instructor for small group lessons. Planning a bachelorette party and need to detox? Book your group for a heated, private yoga session with some of the best teachers in the area! Want to introduce yoga to a group of friends or maybe colleagues? Private sessions offer the freedom to laugh, ask questions, and encourage one another on a more intimate level.

If you are interested in scheduling a private class (for yourself or small group), please contact Balance at We will be happy to schedule you with one of our instructors

Private Session Rates:

  • $120 per hour for 1-3 people
  • $225 per hour for 4-7 people
  • $300 per hour for 8+ people